OPENING May 1, 2017

Providing our clients with many options to incorporate all aspects of holistic care into their lives.​​


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May 23- Jun 27


Compassionate Mother Yoga Workshops

To honour the fact that Motherhood is both challenging and beautiful we have lovingly created workshops designed to lead mothers on a path of personal discovery and self compassion. Create social connections, embrace your thoughts and emotions, forgive your imperfections, reduce your guilt and adore your body; all through yoga flows and meditations that nurture your Mind, Body and Spirit.

May 23rd

The Breath



May 30th

Self Compassion

Mom Guilt

Negative Self Talk

Yin Yoga

June 6th

Emotional Awareness

Restorative Yoga

June 13th

The In's and Out's of the Female Body

Goddess Flow

June 20th

Social Connection



Partner Yoga

June 27th

Self Discovery

Listening and Being Heard

Gentle Flow


$20 +HST per session

$100 +HST for all 6

To Purchase only 1 session, it must purchased in Studio.

Hosted By:

Two Souls Yoga

Charette Psychology

Core Vitality

$100 +HST

Per Ticket

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May 27


Introduction to Aerial

Aerial yoga or also known as anti-gravity yoga is a yoga-based practice using suspended yoga silks from the ceiling. It is a yoga practice that carries both modern elements as well as ancient yoga techniques.

This introduction to aerial yoga will give you the basics on safety, movement, benefits and rules while using the yoga silks. Participants engage in poses while utilizing the silks that allow them to suspend in mid-air. Based on the theory of counter-gravity, suspending the body via the silk is extremely beneficial. Gravity stresses the body by weighing the body down, causing compression of the spine and increased muscle tension. Counter-gravity works to reverse the negative effects of gravity by decompressing the spine, releasing muscle tension, and enhancing blood circulation. The silk is also intended to assist in proper body alignment and deepen awareness.

Participants must be in good physical condition in order to safely engage in this exercise with no problems. If you have ever had surgery on your hips, or if you have had any other surgery within the last year, avoid aerial yoga and consult with a doctor. Aerial yoga is not recommended for pregnant women, those with glaucoma, people who suffer from either high or very low blood pressure, those with osteoporosis, or those who have recently suffered from a stroke.

Cost: $35 + HST

$35 +HST

Per Ticket

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May 30- Jun 27


Healthy Eating for Healthy Changes

Healthy Eating for Healthy Changes

This simplified Healthy Eating Journey, will bring you permanent weight management through our proven system of Healthy Changes that you will implement over a 5 week period.

5 weeks of Healthy Changes to

- balance blood sugar

- cleanse and detoxify

- improve body composition

- increase energy

Our proven weight management program will help you permanently improve your body composition and guide you to make healthy choices for life!


- simple and delicious recipes

- grocery lists

- daily summaries

- weekly meal plans

-weekly appointments to track progress and to 'check in'


5 secrets to healthy body composition

Customizations to suit your specific needs

Smoothie and Green Juice Recipes

Group and individual programs available and include:

weekly appointments to assess progress, weekly meal plans, grocery lists, daily summaries and recipes.

Group program begins June 1/ 2018


Individual/private programs by appointment


Receipts available upon request

$160 +HST

Per Ticket

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