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Aug 12,


Exploring the Power of Soul Movement

Join Talhia in exploring the complex power of soul movement! With infusions of flowing dynamically, kundalini, and communication strengthening exercises. This workshop will be sure to have you packed up with a few new dimensions of tools to stack in your toolbox of life.

Cost: $25 + HST

$25 +HST

Per Ticket

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Sept 16,


Restore and Heal

This event is a beautiful combination of restorative yoga and energy healing. You will be placed into 5-6 comfortable supportive yoga poses with blankets, blocks and bolsters for 7-10 minutes while two energy healers go around to each person assisting the body back into a more balanced state. Energy healing is done through the hands either directly or indirectly onto the body using universal energy to support the person in need. It provides deep relaxation and relief from any kind of discomforts happening in the mental or physical body. It is a time to gently restore and heal the body back to a more balanced state. During the practice we will be integrating the use of Essential Oils to heighten your experience of relaxation. Limited space available. We will only be taking 13 participants so that we can give our undivided attention. It will be a small and intimate setting.

Cost: $45 +HST

$45 +HST

Per Ticket

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