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Mar 28,


Free Deep Flow Class *Donation*

Join us as we celebrate and honour the benefits of yoga and mental health in this 1 Hour Heated Deep Flow Yoga class.

There is a growing body of research to back up yoga’s mental health benefits. Yoga increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration, and calms and centers the nervous system. We see this first hand here at Two Souls, and want to invite you to take part to see for yourself!

This one hour heated practice is designed to get you out of your body and mind and into the moment at hand. Working through a multi level vinyasa sequence with your body to balance the energies within. Once this balance is achieved, you will have an opportunity to take yourself into deeper releasing postures. You will leave this practice with a sense of peace and a higher understanding of self.

Date: Mar 28th

Time: 6pm

*Donations will be accepted for the Sudbury Yogathon for Mental Health in support of NISA*


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Mar 31,


Half Day Chakra Journey 

HALF DAY CHAKRA JOURNEY Become More Steady, Clear & Confident!

"Lana introduces and delves into the chakra system in a beautifully simple way that is direct, clear and powerful. She provides transformative information in a safe, nurturing space and an opportunity to fully receive." Adelle Leonard, Yoga Teacher, MYoga

Are you ready to establish the personal boundaries and practices to support balanced living?

Is your mind open and curious about the inherent intelligence & power of integrating your body, and emotions?

Are you seeking simple yet graceful tools that support a personal state of inner calm, resolve, compassion, and confidence on a daily basis?

Would you enjoy feeling more connected to your intuition and making choices from this wisdom?

Your Chakras hold the energetic patterning that shapes your choices. Gaining a deeper understanding of this innate wisdom can offer you greater clarity and insight, opening your life up to a new level of confidence, freedom, health, and energetic flow.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Yoga, Breath work, Mantras, Mudras & Meditation Journal practices for deeper self-inquiry Interactive conversations that may help to normalize deeply imprinted beliefs and illusions, as well as experiential tools for harmonizing your chakras.

ABOUT LANA: Lana began teaching yoga in 2001. My study of the Chakras began in 2004 with Seane Corn, and, with Anodea Judith in 2005. She has consistently taught about Chakras since 2006, weaving teachings into her regularly scheduled yoga classes, chakra-yoga master classes, local & international specialized retreats, workshops, and, immersions. Since 2005, Chakra symbolism has been a foundational tool in her Life Coaching practice.

Lana is the Founder/Director of Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle School, a Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA-300 hr) Registered School. Since starting her yoga path in 2001, She has accumulated over 10,000 hands-on teaching hours and now offer 3 training opportunities: 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 100hr Inner Mystic Training 30hr Chakra Yoga Training

SCHEDULE: Sunday March 31, 2019 1-5pm

INVESTMENT: $79 +hst

VENUE: Two Souls Yoga


WHAT TO BRING: yoga mat, journal, colored pens / markers

**Minimum of 10 participants required**

FOR MORE INFO: https://www.lanaboyuk.com/Chakra-Half-Day.html 

$79 +HST

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Apr 3,


Free Yang/Yin Yoga Class *Donation*

Join us as we celebrate and honour the benefits of yoga and mental health in this 1 Hour Yang/Yin Yoga class.

Yang activity is mobile, builds to an apex before calming down and maintains a core strength that requires appropriate effort. Yin Yoga activity is slow, steady with a sense of core softness and surrender. In this class participants will experience movement in the Yang portion at the beginning of the class, and then will settle into Yin postures for the remainder of the practice; supported by blocks, bolsters and blankets.

Date: Friday April 20th

Time: 5pm!

Bring your Mat, and a monetary donation!

*Donations will be accepted for the Sudbury Yogathon for Mental Health in support of NISA*


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Apr 5- Apr 7,


Radiant Child Yoga- Teacher Training

Learn to Teach Children Yoga

With Radiant Child Yoga levels 1-2

• Yoga stories, games, songs

• Practical tools for focus and calm

• Yoga for Autism and ADHD

• Meditation, mindfulness, and breath practice

• Class management and centering tools

• Physical and energetic child development

• Includes in-class practice and over $225 in materials

RCY is an innovative 20-hour training program designed for teachers, therapists, parents, caregivers, and everyone who wishes to share the benefits of yoga with children. It provides self-calming and empowering techniques for children of all ages and abilities. RCY 1-2 is both a comprehensive stand-alone training and the first 20 hours of full certification with Radiant Child Family Yoga 200-hour and 95-hour Yoga Alliance accredited programs.

Training April 5-7, 2019.

Fri: 5-9pm, Sat: 11:30am-8:30pm, Sun: 7:30-9:30am, 11:30am-4:30pm


Tuition: $550 +HST before March 5, $625 afterwards. Course credit in place of refund after March 5

$550 +HST

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Apr 13,


Roll, Stretch & Release

This workshop will teach you how to safely and effectively use therapy balls and straps to alleviate tension in your body. By working with the ball, it releases myofascial tension which is often the cause of pain and restricted range of motion. Using a large and a small therapy ball, we will focus on key areas that create tension in your body. Most problematic areas include neck, back and shoulders, as well as hip flexors, glutes, IT band and hamstrings. This workshop will be facilitated by Dana Whittal, an RMT and Yoga Instructor. There will be two tune up therapy balls, a strap & manual provided and included to take home with you. The tune up balls are specifically designed for larger muscle groups. Please bring a Yoga mat, and water.

Cost is $80 plus HST for workshop (If you have taken it before then the price is reduced to $40 plus HST if you bring your props...contact for more details)

2 hours in length

Facilitated by: Dana Whittal RMT, RYT 200

Please note: You may be mildly sore the next day, and it will create a lactic acid buildup in the body. Hydration is important to flush the toxins out of the body. An Epsom salt bath is also helpful. Add 2 cups of Epsom salts to a hot bath and soak for 20 min

$80 +HST

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Apr 14-jun 9,


Kids Yoga (9-12 years) 7 Week Session

This class for children aged 9-12 will start to introduce some of the fundamentals of a yoga practice, as well as various styles of yoga. We will introduce yoga sequences as well as savasana (relaxation) before we begin and when we finish. Partner yoga poses will also be integrated. This class will be a great way for pre-teens to become comfortable with yoga, movement, meditation and themselves in a safe space.

Class is 60 minutes.

Designed for kids aged 9-12.

7 Week Session (Excluding Easter Weekend April 21st, and Victoria Day Long Weekend May 19th...finishing June 9th)

Sunday's 11:30pm- 12:30pm

$100 + HST

*Please register with your Child's name*​

$100 +HST

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Apr 14- Jun 16,


Kids Yoga (4-8 yrs): 7 Habits- 7 Weeks 

Come join Tarryn for some yoga fun while learning about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids!

Starting April 14 - Excluding Easter Weekend April 21st, and Victoria Day Long Weekend May 19th and June 2nd ...finishing June 16th

Cost: $100 + HST

Time: 8:45am-9:30am

$100 +HST

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May 26-jun ​16​


Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness is a skill that is used for many aspects of our lives and teaches us to be engaged with the present moment in all that comes our way. In this 4-week group participants will be introduced to different mindfulness practices that help to surf the wave of overwhelming emotions. The group will learn how mindfulness can help to regulate emotions and positively influence neural connections in the brain. Each session will incorporate opportunities to learn … discuss …and practice mindfulness. Participants will leave this 4-weeks series with information and concrete tools to develop greater emotional stability in their daily lives.

Dates: May 26, Jun 2, 9, 16, 2019

Time: 2:30pm – 4pm

Cost: $100.00


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May 26-jun 30,


Mindfulness for Kids (9-12 yrs)

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, on purpose and without judgement – simply being present with curiosity. Mindfulness can help our children improve their abilities to pay attention, to calm down when they are upset, and to make better decisions. In short, it helps with emotional regulation and cognitive focus. By being completely present and not distracted by regrets, worries and plans, even for awhile, children begin to feel more confident and can deal more easily with the things they experience.

This workshop series is for children aged 9-13. Participants will learn what mindfulness is and how being mindful can benefit them. They will acquire mindfulness skills through meditation, games, art and yoga. Children will be taught ways to incorporate mindfulness in daily life and challenged to integrate the skills they learn between sessions. A journal and all activity material will be provided and available for participants to take home with them.

6 Weeks

Dates: May 26-June 30.

Cost: $90 + HST

$90 +HST

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