Providing our clients with many options to incorporate all aspects of holistic care into their lives.


Holistic Health Care Practiti​oners

Dani Tarini - Coaching for Your Heart

Life Coach

We all have a dream for how we feel our lives should play out. Sometimes, as the responsibilities of our lives start to take on a life of their own, we lose sight of our dreams. We forget what it is that we truly want and desire within our lives, and amid all the chaos, lose focus of our soul purpose. Sometimes, all we need is someone to help us navigate through the chaos, and help us develop a plan for us to find our way again.

'Having been on this journey myself, I would love to be the one to help you work towards the visions you have for your life'. 

Combining her passion for helping people, with her ability to listen and speak from her heart, she encourages each of her clients to move towards change, follow their hearts, and connect to their own divine authentic version of who they are. 'Sometimes as we move through change, we are challenged and we feel very alone.  Having someone to listen to us with no judgement, help us to create a path (and stay on that path) to get where we want to go, and encourage to us to be the leaders within that change, is the piece we need to assist us in manifesting our dreams into reality.' 

Dani received her training at the World Coach Institute, with the designation of Certified Professional Coach,  Life Coach, Wellness Coach and Spiritual Coach.  For more information on the World Coach Institute go to http://www.worldcoachinstitute.com.

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Nicole Cameron - Healing Energy Therapy

Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch

Energy is in every living and non-living form. Healing energy therapy is based upon the ability of the practitioner to use universal energy with intent through their hands to help heal others by touch or non-touch techniques. These techniques influence the energy field that surround the person requiring healing, therefore allowing the body to return to a more balanced state.  Healing energy therapy can be used on any person that experiences anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, wound healing, fibromyalgia etc.  The treatment produces a state of relaxation and calmness over the body. Some clients will experience warmth, tingling, pulsations, or an emotional release. Their bodies may even exhibit involuntary muscle spasms and jerking. The deep relaxation that healing energy produces can bring about mild sedation, lightheadedness, or disorientation in susceptible people.  Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids before and after a session.

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wendy humphris

Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner , Nutritional Microscopist

As a nurse for the last 27+ years, Wendy has dealt closely with many individuals who have suffered needlessly with preventable diseases, working for many years with palliative and chronic care patients.

This often left her asking 'WHY?'.

Her desire and passion to help people was hindered by the disease orientated methodology of our healthcare system and gradually led her towards a more natural and holistic, person-orientated approach to healthcare.

So began her journey into holistic nutrition, holistic cancer care and yoga. Using these modalities to educate, inform and guide people towards knowing what their unique needs were for optimal health of body, mind and soul. This complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) approach to remedy root causes uses natural means to promote positive lifestyle changes and whole-food nutrition thereby gently and naturally restoring balance.

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Brad Rancourt

Registered Massage Therapist

Brad is passionate about helping people heal from old injuries and maintain their current state of health. Having studied for 3 years at College Boreal here in town Brad has a broad knowledge of the human body and how it works. Using Swedish massage, myofascial release, Thai massage techniques and deep tissue massage, Brad is capable of targeting all those aches and pains.

His treatment session consists of evaluating your physical state and finding the best treatment that suits your needs.

All of Brad's services are offered in French and English to better serve the Greater Sudbury Area.

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Dana Whittal

Registered Massage Therapist, Energy Healing

Dana is passionate about helping people discover their true essence and works intuitively to assist the body back  into balance on the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional levels. Some modalities used in a treatment are Swedish Massage, Trigger point therapy, Positional Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Stretching, Guided Imagery, Focused Breathing, Reiki, Energy clearing, Access Bars®, Oracle Cards, Pendulum, and Singing Bowls.

She believes that being healthy is a choice that we make to contribute to the quality of the lifestyle we want to live. To achieve balance, there must be work done with all realms: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Her treatment sessions consist of evaluating where you are in your life on a physical, spiritual and emotional level, and create a plan of how to help you accept where you are, release what no longer serves you and take steps toward your goals.

Ask yourself – What feeds your soul? Are you living that life? What needs to be done so you can feel fulfilled? Are you willing to move in that direction, and let go?

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