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Two Souls Yoga 

Teacher T​rainings​


Coming May 2020!


Two Souls Yoga- 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training

Embark on this 8 month journey into the yoga world experiencing and learning all aspects of yoga incorporating the mind body and spirit. Learn deep within your soul what moves you and drives you as a human living in this world full of so many opportunities. Learn to teach others how to safely practice postures leading with knowledge as well as your heart and soul. You will explore the sacred side of you that yoga has taught us since ancient times. This authentic side of you will spill into others as you connect with them not only with your well learned knowledge of the practice but also leading from your heart and soul. Come join us on this intimate journey of love, movement, exploration. 

Training Schedule

Date: Oct 30th 2022 - May 7th 2023

Times: 8am - 6pm 

Cost: $3500 including HST (payment plan can be set up)


Two Souls Yoga- 40 Hr Registered Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This 40 Hr course will provide the participant with the knowledge needed to successfully and safely be able to teach a Yin Yoga Practice. They will also learn about the impact of the practice on various parts of the Mind and Body, History and the ins and outs of various poses. This course will be a mix of theory, discussion and hands on/verbal practice. Yin Teacher Training is geared towards Certified Yoga Instructors who are looking to incorporate Yin Yoga into their scope of teaching, or practitioners who are looking to add tools to their practice. Those registered with Yoga Alliance will receive CEU credits with along with their Certification.

Date: TBD

Times: Thurs & Fri 4pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 8am-6pm 

Cost: $550 plus HST